Fire Protection and Security of the National Open Air Museum Collection

EEA/Norway Financial Mechanism


  • Total eligible costs:                                           1 211 410 EUR
  • The EEA and Norway grants support:          1 090 269 EUR (90% of Total eligible costs)
  • Czech Ministry of Culture contribution:        21 141 EUR (10% of Total eligible costs)
  • Project implementation period:                      01.04.2021 – 30.04.2024
  • Main Project Partner:                                        Roros Municipality, Norway


The goal of the Project is increasing the security of the unique collection of the National Open Air Museum (NOAM). The Project focuses on   the development of the NOAM security system particularly with regard to the protection of the collection of its largest branch – the Wallachian Open Air Museum (WOAM).


The Project focuses mainly on prevention of fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism and other illegal activities by installing technical protection systems (TPS) in objects, where collection items are stored. A part of the Project is building of the central control room (integrated security centre), which will be placed inside WOAM. In the future the center shall serve the monitoring of other four ranches of NOAM. Project covers also the cooperation with the control monitoring station of the State Police and the Fire Rescue Service. All of this work on the security system creates a coherent issue that will enable to create a safe WOAM, in relation not only to the collections, but also to visitors and employees in relation to state policy in the protection of soft targets.


Together with the installation of TPS new organizational measures for the NOAM will be processed. These measures mainly consist of plans for the organization of security services, emergency plan, depository access regulations, visitor regulations, access control to the museum buildings, the evacuation plan etc. The Project will significantly contribute to the number and quality of the shown collection items in the exhibitions.

The Project is being realized together with the Norwegian partner Roros Municipality, where a similar project has been already done. The partnership will take place mainly in the information exchange, good practice and experience with maximum publicity in the Czech Republic and Norway. Local partner will be the Technical Museum in Brno, Methodical Center of Conservation.


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