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Shrovetide (Saturday 4 February)

The Shrovetide door-to-door procession of masks from Zubrnice with the folklore group DYKYTA from Krásná Lípa, an exhibition about the history of Shrovetide, sales of traditional masks and the baking of Shrovetide goods. Masks of traditional crafts welcome.

Easter in the Village (Saturday - Sunday 1 - 2 April)

Spring and Easter folk customs, seeing off Morana – Goddess of Winter and Death – an accompanying programme presented by Horačky and other folklore groups, theatre groups, competition games and quizzes for the very youngest children, a market with stalls selling craft products and regional products. Decorate your own Easter egg or gingerbread, braid an Easter whip, and taste some treats prepared on and in a tiled stove. Ride a horse or take a look at the animals at Adele’s Yard.

Zubrnice Fair (Saturday 6 May)

A living market with a wide range of craft products and regional products. Held in co-operation with the local authority and local producers.

Museum Day (Thursday 18  May)

Free admission to the I. museum Tour - Historic Village. 

Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage (Saturday 22 July)

The procession begins at Týniště Mill (house no. 27) at 10.00 a.m. and continues to the church with a Baroque farce on the Atonement of Mary Magdalene held in co-operation with the association “Středohoří Sobě”, challenges and games for children, theatre.

Harvest Festival in Zubrnice (Saturday 9 September)

Celebrate the harvest with us. The sheaves must be brought in, the hops need to be dried, the cabbage has to be pickled, the apples pressed and the jam made. When all the work is done, some well-deserved rest can be enjoyed in the form of harvest entertainment, unusual games and good food.

Autumn in the Village (Saturday - Sunday 14 – 15 October)

And we’ll get on with the crop processing together – you can have a go at threshing the grain, turning the horse mill or ropemaking, and find out what a “mědlice” was for, how grain was ground in a mill and how apples were dried without an electric fruit drier. The drier also offers the chance of tasting fruit chips and presents traditional local varieties of fruit. School of calligraphy. The farmyards and village green will come alive with sales stalls and a demonstration of agricultural machinery. An entertaining educational trail for children.

Christmas in Zubrnice (Saturday - Sunday 9 – 10 December)

Advent, ending with Christmas and the celebration of the arrival of the New Year, traditional foods, the scent of Christmas fruit loaf, Christmas songs and carol singing, folk groups, fortune-telling and magic, an exhibition of nativity scenes, a craft market. The aroma of apples and nuts. And traditional customs and traditional fortune tellers too.

Admission to selected programmes is stipulated on an individual basis.

We reserve the right to make changes to the programme.


The Church of Saint Mary Magdalene / contemporary art cycle

April – June

Jiří Bartůněk

The Church of Saint Mary Magdalene / contemporary art cycle

This educator, painter, visual artist and doyen of the art scene in Ústí nad Labem who keeps step with the young generation presents his fresh and thoughtful approach to the medium of painting. His inclusion in the exhibition cycle is an addition to the continual presentation of distinguished personalities from the world of art in the wider Ústí nad Labem area.

April – June

Roman Řezáč – Pictures from a Bygone Age

House of Loubí

Naïve but convincing water colours, drawings and pictures by an untrained artist capturing the bygone world of rural life in nearby Dolní Police and its surroundings.

The descendant of an old peasant family transposes his relationship to the place of his birth into an artistic and, in places, ethnographic setting.

April – June

Václav Rezek

House of Loubí

Lives and works in nearby Sovolusky, where in addition to paintings capturing motifs of the local landscape, he also devotes his attention to reviving the local cultural life of the neighbourhood community, first and foremost in the form of theatre – both with living actors (local amateurs) and with original puppets that he makes himself.

July – October

Michal Micl Novotný

The Church of Saint Mary Magdalene / contemporary art cycle

A graduate of the Prague academy evenly straddling painting and sculpture. With his bright colour and unusual approach to the figure and subject, Novotný elucidates a number of concepts that have been avoided by the history of art of the twentieth century. His work displays traces of pop-art and surrealist inspiration, though always transformed in his own personal style.

July – August

the art group SPOLU

House of Loubí

A group of artists drawn together by the need to produce creative works regardless of subject, season of the year, artistic technique, age or gender. Pictures, carvings, sculptures and much more can be found inside the buildings and during a walk around the exteriors at the museum site.

permanent exhibition

Farmstead no. 61 – loft


This exhibition presents the cultivation of hops in a peripheral part of the hop-growing area of Ústí nad Labem. The exhibition is situated in an extensive loft area on an original hop farm. It shows the effect of hop cultivation on the appearance of the local houses and landscape and the end of hop-growing after the population of the area changed.






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